Tired of Watching Those You Love Suffer?

Updated: Jan 7

Visiting my dad tears my heart in two; most of the time, he can barely move, let

alone get out of bed. He wears a neck brace so to hold his head up; otherwise, his neck cannot hold it up for long. He has been stricken with severe migraines stemming from the degeneration in his spine. For so long, we had searched for remedies to help ease the pain and help get him some relief from his chronic pain conditions.

When we created Hemp Mind & Body; we were searching for solutions for those we love most.

We couldn’t stand on the sidelines as their pain continued and worsened with time. We felt helpless and frustrated by the lack of solutions we found from the established western medical world. We wanted something natural, holistic, and with superior quality and safety.

When the first batch of HMB's CBD tinctures arrived, we couldn’t wait to help those in our

immediate circle. My dad, of course, being one of the top people on the priority list, has

started to see the ease of pain, a reality our family has been dreaming of.

Recognizing the impact that HMB had on our families inspired us to bring it to those within

our extended circle, that’s why we are connecting with you.

We wish to see that your family experience days where they don’t have to suffer, where they don’t have to wonder if there will ever be a remedy to their chronic ailments that plague many of those we love and care for.

Hemp Mind & Body is answering the call; we are shouldering the responsibility and have created products that drive solutions.


Topicals: Freeze Roll-On, ISO Body Balm, FS Body Balm

Ingestibles: 2500MG ISO or 6000MG Balance Tincture (moderate to severe pain)

Below are some studies on how cannabinoids work within the body to help you find relief and reduce inflammation.

Role of the Cannabinoid System in Pain C
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CBD and its analogs_ inflammation
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